2017 KDPC Annual Poultry Show – Final results

This years 2017 KDPC Show attracted almost 400 entries from 41 exhibitors some who came as far away as SA and NSW to attend the show. Results as follows:

Champion Bird Kelly Mackay Plymouth Rock pullet

Reserve Champion Bird Hale & Hale Rouen duck

Champion Waterfowl Hale & Hale Rouen duck

Reserve Champion Waterfowl Hale & Hale Pekin duckling

Champion Soft Feather Kelly Mackay Plymouth Rock pullet

Reserve Champion Soft Feather Neil Tyers Wyandotte White cockerel

Champion Hard Feather Sophie Howard Pit Game Bantam hen

Reserve Champion Hard Feather David Hughes OEG Ginger pullet

Champion HF Standard Heavy Les Goodwin Indian Game Dark pullet

Reserve Sophie Howard Pit Game cockerel

Champion HF Standard Light D. Vinnicombe OEG Black Red DL cockerel

Reserve D. Vinnicombe OEG Partridge DL pullet

Champion HF Bantam Heavy Sophie Howard Pit Game hen

Reserve David Hughes Modern Gold Duckwing cockerel

Champion HF Bantam Light David Hughes OEG Ginger pullet

Reserve David Hughes OEG Blue RED LL cockerel

Champion SF Standard Heavy Kelly Mackay Plymouth Rock pullet

Reserve Stewart Robinson Wyandotte White pullet

Champion SF Standard Light S Brown Leghorn Black pullet

Reserve Stewart Robinson Minorca Black hen

Champion SF Bantam Heavy Neil Tyers Wyandotte White Cockerel

Reserve Sophie Howard Pekin Blue pullet

Champion SF Bantam Light Nik Round Hamburg Silver Spangled cockerel

Reserve David Pickles Leghorn Black pullet

Champion Waterfowl Heavy Hale & Hale Rouen duck

Reserve Hale & Hale Pekin duckling

Champion Waterfowl Light Hale & Hale Elizabeth duck

Reserve Hale & Hale Indian Runner Trout drake

Champion Seabright Breanna Carr

Champion Andalusian David Pickles

Champion Brahma Gill Gauder

Champion Call Duck Hale & Hale

Champion Junior Jacob Canning Wyandotte White

Reserve Champion Junior Marcus Walsh Orpington Black



Kelly Mackay with Champion Bird  Plymouth Rock pullet



Reserve Champion Bird Hale & Hale Rouen duck



Neil Tyers Champion SF Bantam Heavy  Wyandotte White Cockerel



Sophie Howard Reserve SF Bantam Heavy Pekin Blue pullet



Champion Junior Jacob Canning Wyandotte White



Nik Round Champion SF Bantam Light & Best Rare Breed  – Hamburg Silver Spangled cockerel



KDPC Poultry Auction July 2nd 2017

Join us for the Poultry July Auction

Sunday 2nd July 2017

The KDPC Inc. Poultry auction is held 3 times each year in April, July and October.

With over 400 pens and around 700 birds on offer it is by far the biggest and best auction in region. 

Pens for the July Auction are now almost full!

Birds are penned from 10am – 11.30am on the day of the auction, the shed is then open to the public from 11.30am. bidding stops at 1pm sharp!

To be held at the Horace Don Pavilion, Kyneton Showgrounds, Kyneton Vic 3444

For enquiries or to book pens please call  our friendly Auction Manager Ian Bracken or Auction Secretary Hazel Bracken on 5427 4242.


List of birds for auction as of May 30th:


Australorp black pullets
Australorp black rooster
Barnevelder pullets
Campine gold pullets
Campine gold cockerel
Campine gold pair
Dorking silver/grey pullets
Hamburgh speckled pair
Hamburgh speckled trio
Indian Game trio
ISA brown pullets
Leghorn pullets
Leghorn brown trio
Old English Game pullets
Rhode Island Red pullets
Sussex buff pullets
Sussex coronation pullets
Sussex light pullets
Sussex speckled pullets pair [?]
Wyandotte bantam white trio [?]
Wyandotte bantam columbian pair


Call ducks blue bib trio
Call duck blue/faun pair


Download your copy of the 2017 Auction poster here!

Club meeting schedule for 2017

Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7.30pm. Each month our aim is to invite a different speaker talk on a Poultry related topic. These meetings are informative, educational and entertaining and are always followed by tea, coffee, cake and a chat.
We welcome non members who might be keen to join the club to join us at these events – gold coin donation requested.
The topics for the next meetings are as follows – this page is regularly updated.
July 6th – wrap up of the successful Show and report from Show Manager
August 3rdJames Bishop will talk on his book – ‘This Celebrated Race of Fowls’
September 7th – Speaker to be announced
October 5th – Speaker to be announced
November 2nd – Speaker to be announced
Dec 7th – No speaker at this meeting – this is our Christmas party.

KDPC Members Breed Directory

The members of the KDPC keep a wide selection of poultry breeds, as a member of the club you can list the breeds you keep and your details on the Breed Directory.

John Ellis
Phone : 0418 392 766
Breeds Kept : Australorps, Araucana, Leghorns, Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red

Robert Hargreaves
Phone : 0421 007 954
Breeds Kept : Australorps

Vincent Nicoletti
Email : v.nicoletti@live.com.au
Phone : 0401 061 054 / 03 5473 3490
Breeds Kept : Australorps, White Leghorns, Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red & Silkies

Sally Scanlan
Email : sallyscanlan@hotmail.com
Phone : 0419 108 526
Breeds Kept : Buff Sussex

Colin Hutchieson
Email : Colin.hutchieson@gmail.com
Phone : 0419 340 277
Breeds Kept : Guinea Fowl, Cayuga Ducks & Geese

Lesley McLure
Email : Lesley.mclure@outlook.com
Phone : 0417 016 430
Breeds Kept : New Hamsphire & Pekins

Steve Williams
Email : williamsmoths@gmail.com
Phone : 0407 812 566
Breeds Kept : Gold & Silver Campines, Blue Laced Barnevelder, Black & Blue Brahma, Lavender Araucana & Pekins

Stuart Martine
Email : Kanga_also@yahoo.com.au
Phone : 0467 675 152
Breeds Kept : Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red

Nik Round
Email : nikround@me.com
Phone : 0417 379 023
Breeds Kept : Rosecomb & Dutch bantams, Silver Spangled Hamburg bantams