Next Poultry Auction Sun April 8th 2018

Join us for the 2018  Poultry Auctions

Sunday 8th April, Sunday 1st July & Sunday 14th October 2018 

The KDPC Inc. Poultry Auctions are held 3 times each year in April, July and October.

With over 400 pens and around 700 birds on offer it is by far the biggest and best auction in region. 

Pens for the April Auction are already filling fast. (NO EGGS AT THE APRIL AUCTION)

Birds are penned from 9am – 11.00am on the day of the auction, the shed is then open to the public from 11.00am. bidding stops at 1pm sharp!

To be held at the Horace Don Pavilion, Kyneton Showgrounds, Kyneton Vic 3444

For enquiries or to book pens please call  our friendly Auction Manager Ian Bracken or Auction Secretary Hazel Bracken on 5427 4242.


Here is a list of birds expected for the April Auction: (note this is subject to change at any time)

Araucana pullets
Araucana /Silkie x white and partridge pullets
Australorp black pullets
Australorp blue pair
Australorp grey hens
Barnevelder black pullets
Barnevelder blue pullets
Belgium Bantam pullets
Dutch Bantam gold cockerel
Dutch Bantam gold pullets
Dorking pullets
Langshan pullets
Leghorn black pullets
Leghorn brown trios
Leghorn white pullets
Old English Game black/red pullets
Pekin black pullets
Pekin white pullets
Plymouth Rock l/b pullet
Plymouth Rock l/b cockerel
Rhode Island Red pullets
Rhode Island Red trios
Rhode Island White pullets
Silkie black pullets
Silkie black cockerels
Silkie rooster
Sussex buff pullets
Sussex light pullets
Sussex light hens
Sussex platinum pullets
Sussex Xbred pullets
Vorwerk pullets & rooster
Wyandotte gold laced pullets
Wyandotte silver laced hens
Wyandotte bantam partridge pair
Wyandotte silver pencil hens
Wyandotte bantam slver pencil trio
Xbred pullets
Xbred roosters

Call ducks mixed colour pair
Call ducks mixed trios
Muscovy drake
Muscovy ducks


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