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Sorry folks we have had to cancel the Oct Sale. As this was a planned public event on an indoor setting we have been advised that to police an unknown number of people would have not been possible. We hope you understand.

We would like to thank all our hard working club members who have given up their time to prepare the shed and get things ready.

If you were after particular birds send an email an will will try and connect you with sellers.

Look forward to seeing you all again next year.

For more details see below and contact the Sale Manager

Ian Bracken – 03 5427 4242

The sale is conducted by volunteer Club Members who give their time, expertise & energy to help run a successful event, they are only too happy to be of assistance to our patrons. If you have any feedback please email kdpcinc@gmail.com

The event will be a fixed price sale. The number of BUYERS allowed into the poultry shed at any one time is currently limited to 25. Buyers will register ($2 per person) & queue to enter the shed, persons select the birds they wish to purchase then exit the shed with the pen card and pay for the birds in the office. KDPC Stewards will then remove the birds from then pens on behalf of the seller and hand to the buyer.


  1. Shed opens to sellers at 8am. Sellers to register, pay & pen by 10am sharpand exit the shed, all pens to be clearly priced. SELLERS MAY NOT REMAIN IN THE SHED.
  2. Buyers to register and queue at the entrance to the shed. $2 entrance fee per buyer. Shed opens to buyers at 10am and closes at 12pm or when the last bird is sold.
  3. Only 25 buyers to be allowed to enter the shed at any one time, there is no limit to how many birds you can buy.
  4. Buyers will have 10 minutes of time onlyto move around the shed in a clockwise direction only. They can line up again if they want to re-enter and buy more birds.
  5. Buyers to remove a pen card of chosen birds and proceed to the office where they pay. CASH ONLY. Buyer to keep the receipt in order to collect their purchases.
  6. KDPC Stewards ONLY are to remove birds from pens into buyers cages and drop off at side entrance to shed.
  7. Sale closes at 12 NOON.

Pens $5.00 each for standard and large [Goose] pens. $4.00 each for bantam pens. All pens have a 3 birds Maximum and are sold as one lot. 

The club is appreciative of the support of the following sponsors; Green Vallay Grains, Woodend Produce Store, Birds R Us of Bendigo, Watts Fruit Shop, Kyneton Stock Feeds, Tarameade Market & Poultry Auction & Sunset Valley Chicks.

The Kyneton Poultry Club Inc. is a not for profit community based group and all proceeds go to the continued refurbishment of our pavilion and promotion of poultry keeping in general.

Here is a list of birds sold at the July Sale, an updated list of birds available in October will up displayed a week before the sale

Ancona pullets
Ancona bantam blue laced red pullets
Ancona bantam black trio Ancona bantam pullets

Araucana lavender pullets
Araucana silver laced pullets
Araucana var. colour pullets
Araucana hens
Australorp black pullets
Australorp blue pullets
Australorp blue hens
Australorp splash pullets
Australorp black cockerels
Barnevelder silver laced pullets
Barnevelder pullets
Barnevelder hens
Barnevelder silver pullets
Brahma black pullets
Brahma white pullets
Brahma X pullets
Cochin white hens
Dorking silver/grey pullets
Hamburgh Columbian pullets
Leg bar gold pullets
Leg horn black pullets
Leg horn brown pullets
Leg horn lavender pullets
Marans copper black pullets
Marans black copper pullets P O L
Modern Game pairs
New Hampshire pullets
Old English Game pullets
Orpington buff pullets
Pekin mixed colours pullets
Pekin pair
Plymouth Rock dark bared pullets [show quality]
Polish Frizzle black pullets
Polish Frizzle white pullets
Rhode Island Red pullets
Rhode Island White pullets
Silkie white pullets
Silkie brown pullets
Silkie grey pullets
Silkie buff pullets [show quality]
Silkie white pullets [show quality]
Sussex buff pullets
Sussex speckled pullets
Sussex lavender pullets
Sussex light pullets
Sussex light pullets [show quality]
Vorwerk roosters
Wyandotte blue laced pullets
Wyandotte partridge pullets
Wyandotte partridge pair
Wyandotte gold laced pullets
Wyandotte blue/laced red cockerel
Wyandotte Colombian cockerels
Wyandotte silver laced Pullets
Wyandotte X pullets
Wyandotte bantam blue laced red cockerel
Welsummer pullets
Xbred blue egg layer pullets


Guinea Fowl pearl
Guinea Fowl lavender

Pigeons Lahore
Pigeons modena
Pigeons Tumblers

Milled mixed