Next Poultry Auction date TBA

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The Kyneton & District Poultry Club conducted a very successful POULTRY SALE  on Sunday 11th April in lieu of the usual Helmsmen auction due to Covid Safe restrictions.

The club is appreciative of the support of the following sponsors; Green Vallay Grains, Woodend Produce Store, Birds R Us of Bendigo, Watts Fruit Shop, Kyneton Stock Feeds, Tarameade Market & Poultry Auction & Sunset Valley Chicks.

The Kyneton Poultry Club Inc. is a not for profit community based group and all proceeds go to the continued refurbishment of our pavilion and promotion of poultry keeping in general.

The sale is conducted by volunteer Club Members who give their time, expertise & energy to help run a successful event, they are only too happy to be of assistance to our patrons. If you have any feedback please email

LIST OF BIRDS sold at the April Sale.

Ancona black pullets
Ancona red pullets
Ancona hens
Araucana blue pullets
Araucana lavender pullets
Araucana black cockerels
Araucana X pullets
Araucana X hens
Australorp black pullets
Australorp black hens
Australorp blue pullets
Australorp blue pair
Auatralorp splash trio
Australorp splash hen
Belgium D’Uccles pairs
Brahma blue rooster
Brahma blue/lavender hen
Brahma bantam pullets
Chooka partridge trio
Hamburgh silver spangled pullets
Indian Game black pullets
Indian Game jubilee pullet
I X Worth white pullets
Legbar gold pullets
Legbar gold pullets
Leghorn white pullets
Leghorn white cockerels
Leghorn white trio
Leghorn lavender pairs

Marans copper rooster
Marans French copper pullets
Marans wheaten pullets
Naked Neck X Silkie pullets
Old English Game dark leg hen
Orpington blue pullets
Orpington splash pullets
Pekin black pullets
Pekin white pullets
Pekin mottled pullets
Pekin buff pair
Pekin X Frizzle bark blue hen
Pitcairn rooster
Plymouth Rock dark bared pullets
Rhode Island Red pullets
Rhode Island Red hens
Silkie Trio
Silkie black pullets
Silkies var. colours pullets
Sussex buff pullets
Sussex light pullets
Sussex coronation pullets
Sussex lavender pullets
Sussex light pair
Sussex light hen
Sussex speckled pullets
Sussex speckled hen
Sussex speckled rooster
Vorwerk cockerel
Vorwerk hen
Vorwerk rooster
Wyandotte gold laced pullets
Wyandotte gold laced hen
Wyandotte bantam gold laced clutch of unsexed chicks
Wyandotte silver laced pullets
Wyandotte silver laced pair
Wyandotte blue laced red
Wyandotte partridge pair
Wyandotte silver pencil pair
Wyandotte bantam silver pencil pair
X bred pullets

Muscovy unsexed young


Guinea Fowl cinnamon
Guinea Fowl pearl

Carneau pairs
Mantaubins pairs
Rollers black pairs
Rollers red/black pairs
Dragoons pairs

Poultry health products
Wheat , barley etc.