*july auction cancelled*

All Auction bookings to be made by email auctions@kynetonpoultryclub.com

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The popular Helmsman auctions are now back on! Our next auction date is October 15th.

Pen bookings to be made via email only – auctions@kynetonpoultryclub.com

With over 400 pens and around 700 birds on offer the Kyneton & District Poultry Club Auction is by far the biggest and best in region. (note NO EGGS at the April auctions)

Auctions are held in the Horace Don Poultry Pavilion at the Kyneton Show Grounds on the corner of Mollison Street, Kyneton.
Kyneton is a pleasant and historic town only an hour’s drive from the Melbourne CBD along the Calder Freeway, many of the shops & restaurants are open on Sunday

Birds are to be penned from 8am – 10am on the day of the auction.

Bidding stops at 1pm sharp for birds.

Pen bookings are essential and by email ONLY see details below.

The KDPC Inc advises that ALL birds purchased should be quarantined when you get them home prior to mixing them with any existing flock.

Pens $5.00 each for standard and large [Goose] pens. $4.00 each for bantam pens. All pens have a 3 birds Maximum and are sold as one lot. Fertile EGGS in cabinets are $2.00 per egg carton or similar.
Bidder registration is $2.00 which includes a pencil and notepad, the club has cardboard boxes on sale for buyers to carry their purchases home in comfort.

All birds are to be presented in a healthy, disease free state and the club reserves the right to refuse entry to any bird presented in an unacceptable condition. Young birds must be off heat and feathered.

All transactions are between buyers and sellers cash only [no EFTPOS or cheques] Buyers and Sellers, can discuss the various breeds and their needs and buyers are advised to get contact details from the sellers, the club cannot follow up after purchases have been completed.

There is always a great raffle with a terrific main prize and a nice range of other prizes. Tickets are only available at the auction. Raffle drawn on the day and winners notified. A sausage sizzle is available along with other hot and cold refreshments.

The club is appreciative of the support of the following sponsors; Green Valley Grains, Woodend Produce Store, Birds R Us of Bendigo, Watts Fruit Shop, Kyneton Stock Feeds, Tarameade Market.

The Kyneton Poultry Club Inc. is a not for profit community based group and all proceed go to the continued refurbishment of our pavilion and promotion of poultry keeping in general. The pavilion has a solid concrete floor, new lighting and we have increased our pen numbers to 412. There are 62 designated egg spaces located in the cattle section beside the pavilion, note: bidding for eggs closes at 12.30pm.

The auction is conducted by volunteer Club Members who give their time, expertise & energy to help run a successful event, they are only too happy to be of assistance to our patrons.

For enquiries or to book pens please email auctions@kynetonpoultryclub.com

Below is a list of birds that were on offer at our previous auctions:


Ancona Pullets

Ancona Bantam Pullets


Australorp Black

Australorp Black Bantam Trio

Australorp Blue

Australorp Splash

Australorp Standard Blue Pair

Australorp Standard Blue/Black Pair

Australorp Rooster

Barnevelder Blue Laced Pair

Barnevelder Standard Silver Doubled Laced

Barnevelder Standard Silver Doubled Laced Trio

Belgian d’Uccle

Belgian d’Uccle Bearded

Brahma Hens

Brahma Trio

Brown Layers

Campine Golden

Dorking Silver

Dorking Silver Grey Pullets

Duckwing Standard Golden Trio

Faverolles Splash Rooster

Faverolles Salmon

Hamburg Gold Spangled Pair.

Japanese Bantam

Leghorn Black, Blue, Lavender, Exchequer

Leghorn Black Bantam Pullets

Leghorn Brown Bantam Pullet

Leghorn White Bantam


Marans Black Copper Chicks 8 weeks unsexed

Marans Blue Copper

Marans Wheaten Pullets

Marans White Cuckoo Rooster

Modern Game Bantam Pair

Modern Game Bantam Female

Modern Game Large Trio

Modern Game Large Pullets

New Hampshire Red Pullets

Old English Game Bantams

Old English Game Bantam Pile, Creel

Old English Game Large Partridge & Black Red

Olive Egger Black Copper Pullet

Olive Egger Chicks 10 – 12 weeks unsexed


Pekin Bantam Pullets 3 Coloured

Pekin Bantam Trio

Pekin Buff Pair x 2

Pekin Cockerels

Pit Game

Plymouth Rock Dark Barred Chicks 10-12 weeks unsexed

Plymouth Rock Dark Barred Cockerel

Plymouth Rock Dark Barred Rooster

Quamby Trio x 2

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red Cross Bred 1st cross Red Pekin

Rhode Island Red Pullets

Rhode Island Red Bantam

Rhode Island Red Bantam Cockerels x 2

Rhode Island White Pullets

Silkies All colours

Silkie/Pekin Cross Pullets Buff & Splash

Sussex Coronation

Sussex Coronation Rooster

Sussex Lavender Pullets

Sussex Light

Sussex Light Rooster

Sussex Speckled


Vorwerk Hens

Vorwerk Pullets

Vorwerk Trio

Welsummer Pullets

Wyandotte Black Bantam Trio

Wyandotte Golden Laced

Wyandotte Silver Laced

Wyandotte White Bantam

Wyandotte Columbian Bantam






East Indie Black Bantam

Indian Runner Ducks White


Slate Male