The 2021 Show June 13

Down load the show entry form here:

Horace Don Poultry Pavilion, Kyneton Showgrounds


Gordon Bradley – Hardfeather,

Erika Nash – Softfeather bantam

Ian Nash – Softfeather standard & Waterfowl

Standard VPFA 2019 Show Schedule applies

No Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, pairs or eggs.

Entries close 4th June or when the shed is full.

Prize categories and awards

Champion Bird in Show           receives decorative plate                                            $300

Reserve Champion Bird                                                                                               $250

Champion Bird – Junior exhibitor    wins a copy of Australian Poultry Standards &  $100

Reserve Champion Bird – Junior exhibitor                                                                  $50

Champion Hardfeather bird – standard or bantam                                                    $130

Reserve Champion Hardfeather Bird – standard or bantam                                     $50

Champion Softfeather Bird – standard or bantam                                                     $100

Reserve Champion Softfeather Bird – standard or bantam                                       $50

Champion Waterfowl – standard or bantam                                                              $100

Reserve Champion Waterfowl – standard or bantam                                     $50

Best Rare Breed                                                                                                           $50

Best Bird of an Australian Breed                                                                        Decorative plate

Champion standard Wyandotte                                                                                 $30

Champion bantam Wyandotte                                                                                   $30

Champion Wyandotte other than white                                                                    $30

Champion Wyandotte – Junior exhibitor                                                                    $20

Ron Seddon Memorial Award – Best coloured Softfeather bird                                Trophy

Ian Grant Junior Encouragement Award                                                                     Trophy

Australian Breed Feature 

A decorative plate will be awarded to the best bird of an Australian breed.  

This will include Australian Langshan, Australian Pit Game, Australorp, and Elizabeth ducks both standard and bantam birds.

Rosettes or Sashes will be awarded to the following

Champion Bird                                                 Reserve Champion

Champion Light Softfeather Standard            Reserve Champion Light Softfeather Standard

Champion Heavy Softfeather Standard                      Reserve Champion Heavy Softfeather Std

Champion Light Softfeather Bantam                          Reserve Champion Light Softfeather Bantam

Champion Heavy Softfeather Bantam            Reserve Champion Heavy Softfeather Bantam

Champion Hardfeather                                               Reserve Champion Hardfeather

Champion Waterfowl                                                  Reserve Champion Waterfowl

Champion Goose or Gander

Champion Junior Exhibitor                                         Reserve Champion Junior Exhibitor 

Best Rare Breed                                                          Reserve Best Rare Breed

Best of Breed sash when four or more entries in a class

VPFA Journal Awards for 2021

Entries in the following categories will be eligible to receive points for the VPFA 2021 Awards:

Hardfeather – OEG Duckwing standard & bantam

Softfeather – Standard Leghorn

Waterfowl – Bantam breeds (excluding Mallards & Call)

Rare Breed – Spanish standard & bantam

Stewards are on site from 7:30am and all birds are to be penned by 9:00am.

A delicious 2 course hot lunch is available @ $15.

Entry fees –                  Members                                            $1.50 all entries

                        Non members first 10 entries $3.00

                        Additional entries                               $1.50

                        Juniors*                                               $1.00

*Junior entries follow the same Show Schedule as for senior entries but 

need to put a ‘J’ in front of the Class number.

Entries close Friday 4th June or when the shed is full. 

Entries to KDPC, P.O. Box 567, Kyneton 3444; or email to

Entries must be by email or post. Photos of the entry form taken on a mobile phone will not be accepted.  There is an editable copy of the entry form attached or available on the KDPC website.

Cheques should be made out to Kyneton & District Poultry Club;

or EFT payment to BSB 633-000  A/C 153661723 with name of exhibitor as reference.

COVID Safe Public Event Registration Form- receipt 8134

Rules & Regulations

This Show will be held under the VPFA Rules and Regulations.

All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor and have been owned for 21 days.

The Club reserves the right to refuse entries without explanation.

Although the greatest care will be taken, the KDPC Inc. will not be responsible for any mistake, accident, loss, injury or damage from any cause whatsoever.

No-one is permitted to handle or interfere with the exhibits after the exhibits are penned, excepted for the appointed judges.

The decisions of the Judges will be final. Any person or persons causing annoyance or disputing the judge’s decision shall be liable for expulsion from the Show and exhibits and or awards will be disqualified.

Judges may withhold any prize where the quality of the exhibits is not sufficient to merit the award.

The KDPC Inc. reserves the right to obtain the services of a substitute or extra judge if needed.

No bird may be removed from a pen without the authority of the Show Manager.

The KDPC Inc are affiliated with the VPFA.  

All Victorian exhibitors must be members of the VPFA & provide their member number.  

KDPC members only, may purchase a One Day Pass for $15.

Stewards or Exhibitors may not comment on the merits of any exhibits to a judge until all judging is completed.

The Show Secretary may open a class where there are more than 5 birds of the same breed, or amalgamate classes where necessary.

Juniors must be between the ages of 6 – 16 years of age in accordance with the VPFA Rules and must pen their own birds.

Juniors must not show the same breed as a senior exhibitor if they are living at the same address.

Champion and Reserve Champion junior birds will be considered for Champion and Reserve birds in the Show.

Any bird deemed not well will be removed.

For more information;

Show Secretary                               Show Manager

Graham Smith                                 Peter English                      

0411 707 358                                   0428 525 606